Dental Implants For The Elderly

Dental Implants For The Elderly

Dental implants are still a viable option for the elderly in Guelph. Osteoporosis, a common condition for those 80 and older, does not negatively affect the outcome or candidacy. Dental implants can improve the health of elderly patients, allowing them to eat better, receive better nutrition, and continue to lead an active and social lifestyle. People with dental problems are seen to withdraw from social interaction, which can be detrimental to health in old age. Socializing improves one’s physical, mental, and immune health drastically, which can extend the life of the elderly.

Dental implants are now considered the standard as opposed to conventional dentures. Traditional dentures have been found to have adverse effects on the jaw bone affecting the bite and the ability to chew food. Many experts are pushing to abandon this outdated practice for denture implants as a more functional and comfortable option increasing the quality of life called new teeth in a day.

There are two treatment options available for dental implants. The first is a 2-4 implant denture that would support a removable denture. This option is recommended most because it provides stability, comfort, and functionality. The second treatment is 4-6 implant dentures with a fixed or permanent device known as a hybrid. The second option offers even more comfort with a greater resemblance to natural teeth. The cost of denture implants starts at $2795.

Recovery from dental implants with an experienced dental surgeon is faster than a tooth extraction, with discomfort lasting less than a week. The pain is easily manageable with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. The implants can be immediately fit with permanent teeth or after 2-3 months of healing, depending on the patient.

There are many benefits to dental implants. Replacing allow for healthy eating habits providing necessary nutrition, essential at any age. Implants do not have any denture flanges or extensions, more closely resembling natural teeth. Implants strongly support the overlying teeth, which prevent them from moving or accidentally dislodging. Implants also protect the jawbone reducing causes for bone loss which can result from regular dentures.

A reasonably healthy person is always an excellent candidate for dental implants as it will improve their quality of life in many areas.